Quality services
Qualified personnel
Constant support



Students receive constant and timely feedback in form of weekly testing and monthly reviews. This feedback is provided either by the instructor or on their profile on myeurocentres platform.


Learning can sometimes be fun. Keeping that in mind, we engage our students in different social activities throughout the year.


Time is precious and we know it. To fit into the schedules of our students, we offer various courses at any time of the day.


Bright spacious rooms; WIFI throughout the buildings; student computer area; comfort and rest zone; tea and coffee facilities.


With our blended mode of learning, students get to learn both face-to-face and online on our platform


Our aim is to get students involved through class interaction with fun task-based learning activities.

our team
Firdavs Navruzov, CEO

Leader is my first serious project aimed at changing the way we look at language learning and teaching. The school strives to embody my perception of how a foreign language is acquired and how we use it in real life. With further effort I hope to have a sizable impact on the development of language learning in our community.

Zarina Khayatova, Instructor

For me Leader is the place where I can unleash my potential, and grow as a person. Continuous work on new projects gives me an opportunity not to be stuck in one place but always search for something new and useful.

Makhfuza Nazarova, Instructor

For me, language learning is a lot more of a passion rather than a field of interest. Leader allows me to teach something I love, work with the people I look up to, and challenges me for further professional betterment every day.

Elzara Akhmedova, Instructor

Leader is the place where the creative approach to language learning plays a major role. I combine my classes with developing creative thinking skills in my students. Every lesson is a new wave of optimism, knowledge and skills for me. Leader is your way to successful future.

Zaynab Rakhimova, Instructor

Leader is a cornerstone of my career where I gain experience by teaching, learning, analysing, collaborating and sharing my ideas.Leader sets the foundation of not only knowledge of English but also friendship, self-confidence, leadership and persistance. Therefore, this place is usually defined as self-development in my opinion

our testimonials

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Great teachers

Leader is the place where you study with the most interesting and awesome people. Leader is the place where you require additional tasks to stay for more.

Kamil Ashurov, Student
Easy and user friendly courses

«LTC Leader» is a second home for me. This is a place where you are surrounded with good friends and pleasant atmosphere. «LTC Leader» gives me a lot of opportunities with which I can realize my dreams and achieve my goals.

Angelina Korneeva Student
I just love the courses here

The place where one's studies is important for every student. For me «LTC Leader» means something special, native, something that I cannot live without. Every time when I come I feel something light and bright. «LTC Leader» means knowledge for me, and our teachers who can easily explain anything. «LTC Leader» will always stay in my heart.

Ekaterina Urinova Student
One good academy

«LTC Leader» is the place which helps me to realize many of goals. «LTC Leader» is not the place where I and my friends are only studying but also I feel myself comfortable and cozy around my groupmates and tutors who are always ready to help.

Yulduz Razzakova Student