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LTC Leader is dedicated to teaching English by using the latest pedagogical approaches and methods! We only strive to help you achieve your goals!

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Why us?

We invest heavily in our facilities and learning resources, ensuring that our staff and students have access to everything they need to help them succeed in their work and study. The growth of our learning resources has placed LTC Leader on the map as one of the Bukhara's leading English language centers for study and training.

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  • Improving the most necessary 21st century skills
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Our Courses

General Еnglish courses

General Language English classes are an opportunity for you to improve not only your speaking skills, but also to practice reading, writing, and listening. Each lesson consists of a mix of grammar, vocabulary, and communicative activities to keep the class lively and interesting.

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IELTS preparation courses

A combined IELTS course is aimed at students who want to enhance their general English skills as well as prepare for the IELTS exam. It offers expert guidance on how to pass the IELTS exam at a high level while allowing students to gain fluency and confidence in English and 21st Century Skills. As a package, this is the perfect course to prepare— not only for an exam, but also for modern life, studies, and international careers.

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Register for IELTS with us

As an official partner of British Council, LTC Leader provides IELTS registration service. Registering with us will ease the process and lets you win a little more time for preparation. Apart from this, we also provide consulting services regarding the IELTS exam.

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  • Get help with possible issues
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