Everyone wants an exciting, brighter future! So whether you want to learn English for Higher Education, a successful career or better social skills, we can help you get there. But at LTC Leader we go further, not just giving you language skills but giving you a language for life.

We are a young, vibrant and professional language school committed to providing a unique learning experience and excellent English Courses in a friendly and motivating environment. Our teachers and academic support staff all work to create a school ethos and atmosphere that encourage the highest standards of work and learning.

Leader is my first serious project aimed at changing the way we look at language learning and teaching. The school strives to embody my perception of how a foreign language is acquired and how we use it in real life. With further effort I hope to have a sizable impact on the development of language learning in our community.

Firdavs Navruzov, founder of LTC Leader

LTC Leader combines dedicated teachers, great resources and a range of English Courses to suit all needs with a comprehensive social programme that gives our students an authentic experience. At LTC Leader we have a variety of English language courses tailored to meet students’ specific needs including an extensive range of General English courses, Online English courses and Exam Preparation Courses (IELTS).

As a prospective student your journey starts right here. This is the first step into The LTC Leader culture and the start of experiences that will shape your future. Come and join our community, we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!